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2002 24' Featherlite Trailer:

all aluminum with fuel door, man door, front and rear drive in. (19900)
spare rim and tire ($250)
underslung 30l propane tank with forced air furnace(2000)
overhead cabinets ($800)
side window with screen ($1000)
window with screen in door ($400)
110v shore power hook up with seal moisture proof florenscent lighting ($1500)
AC to DC concervter ($1000)
120v breaker box with 120v plug ins
14" rims with very good rubber
flip down work bench ($400)
flip down seating bench ($500)
hangers on wall, with wall organizer straps.($500)
flip out dvd player with satelite radio and speakers ($1500)

Call a feather lite dealer and have this trailer built it would cost 30g.

18' side wall
6' v
6'6" tall with a 6'2" rear door - you can drive a rhino into it.
This trailer is perfect for winter and summer use. windows make it great for sleeping in the summer. Load up the toys and have a place to stay at nights. great in the winter for sleds. Warm place to sit down and get dressed while you watch sled dvd or listen to satelite radio. this trailer is a 9 out of 10 condition wise and you will not be disappointed.
2008 M1000 nightfire turbo
- Sled Description -
boondocker race gas turbo kit
afr gauge
(dealer built as a demo, has $24000 invoice)

asking $13900 CDN

2006 m7 - ( SOLD)
-Parts In Build- [ SOLD]
one off custom vanamburg tunnel with bulkhead larger coolers ($3500)
EZ ryde rear skid with exit upgraded shocks ($3500)
162" powder claw track $900
lightweight jack shaft $200
lightweight brake rotor $200
z bros complete front suspension (lightweight spindles included)-$1200
Exit remote resorvoir front shocks $900
D and D full exhaust $1000
boss noss controller $350
high compression head $400
bdx intake $300
clutch kit $300
vf3 reeds $350
fuel pressure regulator with gauge-$300
2" riser-$100
2010 seat-$350
rolled ACT drive-$500
cases ported to delete oil injection- $500
C&A skis -$400
($21250 in parts plus $$$$ in labour)
This sled has the best suspension setup going (IMO), will handle bumps like no other. even with the 700 in it, this thing will eat up anything stock out there. Plus you cannot ever get a tunnel like this one again, it was Mike Vanamburgs personnel sled and he built it so no one would have an identical chassey. sled has less than 100 miles on it. Asking $9900 CDN OBO would consider side by side on trade.

2006 m7
Vanamburg ground up build in fall of 2008
-Parts In Build-
EZ Ryde rear skid (2 wheel kit and ice scratchers)-$2500
power claw 162" track-$900
Vanamburg Chassey with matching bulkhead custom powder coating(larger coolers)-$3000
z bros front a arms- $600
Exit shocks with upgraded remote resorvoirs- $1200
D&D full exhaust-$1000
VF3 reeds-$300
BDX intake-$300
Carbon Fibre hood-$1000 with venting
full pressure regulator with gauge-$300
Rolled ACT drive (much lower attack angle on track, see pic)-$500
3" riser-$100
2010 seat-$350
ported cases for oil injection delete-$500
SLP powder pro skis-$500
$19500 in parts alone, plus $$$$ in labour to put together.)
This sled is extremely light, in the 420-430lb range, and handles extremely well. will out perform any stock sled out there today. Less than 200miles on sled. asking $9900 OBO. would consider rhino on trade or other side by side.

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